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Managing Director's Message

Nirvaan Birla

Mr. Nirvaan Birla
Managing Director

The future of any society or country depends on how it brings up its tiny tots. The more values we put into them, the better the chances of them growing up as responsible young citizens. Education thus plays a crucial role in how their minds shape up as they grow. In these formative years, the onus lies on parents and the education sector fraternity to nurture these minds. The preschools are a child's first social group where they learn what it is like being out there on their own. The image that they carry forward from here stays for a good period of time with them.

Birla Open Minds was formed 11 years ago, with the idea to transform education across the country and ensure quality progressive education is available throughout the vast landscape of our country. Keeping in line with the contribution the Birla family has had in education since pre-independence, it was this singular focus which has made the brand reach over 120+ schools across 22+ states and 90+ cities and continues to grow at a good pace. The company not only provides and encourages people to embrace the educational sector and give back to the society, but also provides them the know-how and tools via dedicated support through each and every aspect, ranging from but not limited to; Infrastructure, IT, Academics, Curriculum, Teacher training along with Marketing and branding to name a few, which further helps them become a true Edupreneur.

Birla Open Minds had spent the initial half a decade closely monitoring each curriculum and their shortcomings. Post which, our specialised team worked tirelessly to bring out our specially designed curriculum that caters to the needs of children keeping in mind the traditional and progressive aspects that are required in today's day and age. This amalgamation of best practices across boards such as CBSE,ICSE,IB & IGSCE enables smooth transition for children across schools and cities should the need arise and also ensures that not only the student, but the teachers continue learning various new aspects which enable them to ensure that the education being imparted is relevant and fun at the same time. Academics stands at the core of Birla Open Minds hierarchy, however it is also the "x" factor that Birla Open Minds provides to its franchise partners and stakeholders that plays a critical part in setting us apart from our competitors.