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Birla Open Minds, offers a comprehensive solution for education that envelopes the individual's learning, right from the formative early years to K-12 schooling.

Birla Open Minds encompasses wide - ranging interests in the sphere of high quality education with dedication to excellence. Our first Birla Open Minds School initiated its operations in 2010, and today, it has grown to 75+ Preschools and 70+ K-12 Schools throughout India.

Birla Open Minds takes great pride in possessing a close-knit community of academicians, researchers and professionals. We focus on providing contemporary and world-class education for NURTURING INDIA'S TOMORROW.

With a legacy of nation-building and high-quality education in India, the name 'Birla Open Minds' is synonymous with the 4 Cs – Care, Co-operation, Collaboration and Courtesy. The Birla family is renowned for its focus on education, and its rich heritage of business and philanthropy is reflected in all their endeavours. A diverse and researched curriculum, integrated learning opportunities, and organized daycare facilities with well-planned schedules and operations are the main features of the brand. With their experience in this field and a supporting team from Birla Open Minds Ltd., owning a Birla Open Minds school is an experience that could be immensely rewarding.