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Spokey Wheeler

Mr. Spokey Wheeler : Co-Founderand Director of Adhyayan Quality Education Services, India and Bespoke Solutions, UK.

Spokey Wheeler is the co-founder and Director of Adhyayan Quality Education Services, India and Bespoke Solutions, UK. He has been instrumental in the development of the Adhyayan Quality Standard, a comprehensive tool to gauge school quality, benchmarked against best Indian and global educational practices. He possesses over 4 decades of international experience and expertise in leadership and management of teaching and learning.

Spokey has successfully led and transformed schools in the course of a career that has spanned several countries including the UK, Singapore, India and Germany. His training as an Ofsted inspector led to his interest in self-review. His decade in India enabled him to contextualise his international experience for Indian schools.

Spokey served as Lead Operations Director India (LODI) for the UKIERI- MHRD commissioned school leadership development project of the National Centre for School Leadership (NUEPA). As part of his role, he led strategic planning, development and delivery of a leadership programme designed for over 7800 school principals in government schools across Kerala, Pondicherry, Maharashtra and Rajasthan, delivered by senior facilitators. He also provided sustained strategic and operational guidance as an international education consultant for The Open University's'Teacher Education through School-Based Support', (TESS-India). This was conducted with the Indian Ministry of Human Resource Development, DfID, and senior government administrators across the Indian states of Assam, Bihar, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal.

Apart from his work with various state governments in India, he was a consultant for several private bodies working for education in India. His previous work includes designing and developing ARK's 'School Leaders India' programme, serving as a teacher training consultant for the World Bank in India, advising Usha Martin in school set up, and the set-up of KGVK Gurukul, a network of low-cost schools in Jharkhand, where he served as CEO.

Kavita Aggrawal

Dr. Kavita Aggarwal : Chairperson of 'Members of International Schools Association' (MISA)

With a presence in the field of education for the last 38 years, Dr. Kavita Aggarwal had been the Principal / Director Academics of leading national and international (IB & Cambridge) schools. Dr. Kavita specialises in setting up new schools affiliated to Cambridge International Examinations (CIE), Cambridge, UK and CISCE curricula.
Dr. Kavita has been closely associated with training and mentoring of teachers, including Vice-Principals/Principals and administrative staff.
Currently, she is associated as a Chief Academic Advisor with a group of international schools in Mumbai. Dr. Kavita is also the Chairperson of 'Members of International Schools Association' (MISA), a prestigious organisation of over 90 schools in the country affiliated to Cambridge.
Dr. Kavita has also been instrumental in initiating a school for hearing impaired children in Sanskardham Vidyalaya Campus and devised technique to integrate children with special needs (Hearing Impaired) into normal stream.

Dr. Kavita initiated EccEd course for the pre-school teachers and certificate course in learning difficulty for parents and teachers.

Dr. Aggarwal believes that all round development of the students means their development in IQ, SQ, EQ & AQ along with physical development. She has achieved success in involving teachers and parents to help the students with many workshops, seminars and experiential learning for their balanced development.

Parveen Shaikh

Ms.Parveen Shaikh : Counselling Psychologist, Trainer, Life Skills and Career Coach

A Counselling psychologist, Trainer, Life skills and career coach working in the Educational & Development Sector for the past 20 years. Parveen has successfully provided end to end career counselling and training solutions to over 1000 schools across various boards (CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, A levels, IB and State boards across India) as well as completed projects on student, parent, teacher training and counselling across various state governments, corporate organisations and NGO's.

Parveen has also worked with the CBSE department to develop and implement the SGAI career assessment tool for 2 lakh CBSE students. (2014-2015).

Parveen is a certified Master Trainer in Career Development and Practice by the Australian Centre for Career Education. She is also a member of NART (National Adolescents Resource Team) for Ministry of Youth Affairs and has developed modules on teacher training in career counselling, life skills and various career resources. She has also trained and mentored psychologists in career guidance and life skill training.

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